Watercolor Quilting is here!


Exciting news coming at you from San Francisco! My Watercolor Quilting class is out on Creativebug! I am very excited to share my technique with you, and I hope you enjoy watching and learning from me.

Of all of my many classes and many wonderful memories of filming with the lovely people at Creativebug over the years, this one is certainly nearest and dearest to my heart. Teaching and filming my very own, developed and created all by me, Ashley-owned Watercolor Quilting technique is so special to me, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity.

In the above picture, you can see the VERY FIRST Watercolor Quilt, a.k.a. The Source. Those four turquoise brush strokes were where it all started, folks.

Head on over by clicking on the image above or this link to watch. And, I’d love to hear from you! If you make any Watercolor Quilts, tag me @alphabetashley and use #watercolorquilting!

For you Bay Area people, come and take Watercolor Quilting in person! This class includes a full supply kit, and it’s an ideal way to experience the technique in all of its glory.


Happy creating! Thank you for the opportunity to be your teacher.

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Summer Classes!


Hi everyone!

Summer is fast approaching OMG. Here’s the latest:

I’m teaching Watercolor Quilting at Handcraft Studio School in El Cerrito, CA on June 4th. Head over to the site to check out details and to sign up.

My latest class on Creativebug, Watercolor Quilting, is coming out on May 17th! Find it here.

I’ll be teaching my “Beyond the Beginning: Modern Machine Quilting” class at Bay Quilts on June 17th. Head over to their website or call the store at (510)-558-0218 to sign up. Let me know if you have any questions!

My current class offerings are up on the Offerings & Schedule page. Contact me for any other information and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

As always, check me out on Instagram for the most up-to-date fun stuff going on… I’m a big fan of the stories feature, and am kind of addicted to the “paint-with-your-finger” feature.

Also… a new website is in the works. Eep! Stay tuned.

Talk to you soon out there!




September, Part 2


Hi everyone! I hope this month is treating you well so far. I spent Labor Day weekend up in the Sierra Nevada mountains, bidding a fond farewell to summer. Fall is definitely in the air now, and I think my number one task right now is getting used to my new routine. And remember when I said this newsletter had two parts? Well, it’s true. Lots of fun stuff going on. So I’m back with September, the sequel.

Videos! Pop-opens! Palm trees! Magazines!

1) I have been a part of the Creativebug family for many years now. Sometimes, when we’re filming, it’s almost like I’m sitting around the fireplace chatting with my pals. Minus the fire. And with bright lights and a camera in my face. But almost. Check out this mini-documentary on CBTV, Creativebug’s FREE library of artist biographies, live stream recordings, and other fun glimpses into the lives of the artists.

How I use journals

2) Speaking of families, mark your calendars for the Fall Patchwork in Oakland! I love the community that Nicole and Delilah have built, and am proud to be a part of this show. Also, big news, I am going to be selling my pop-opens in a new material! I’ll give you a hint, it starts with waxed and ends with canvas. That’s right, the long anticipated WAXED CANVAS POP OPENS! Come and get yours on November 5th.


3.) Speaking of Nicole and Delilah… let’s talk about Craftcation 2017! I’m super excited to be teaching again, and look at what an amazing cast of presenters is already on the lineup! General registration opens on October 13th at 9AM PST, so mark your calendars. Click on the photo below for the registration info. If you’ve ever wanted a vacation, on the beach, with a bunch of awesome crafty people, taking crafty classes and just generally being crafty and awesome… this is your conference. Palm trees! Fish tacos! Glue guns! Need I say more?!panel-craftcationPhoto courtesy of Dear Handmade Life (me, Amy Tan, Adrienne Wiley, Kiffanie Stahle in our panel on Multiple Income Streams.)

4) Lastly– phew!– Can you believe that people are already thinking about holiday gifts? Yes, it’s true. Well I wrote a sweet little tutorial for Modern Patchwork Gifts on how to make a set of these nesting fabric buckets with handles. I also had a revelation last week that they also make great handbags. Get a copy and make some!


See you soon!


September! Part 1!


September! It’s Fall! Back to School! Virgo birthday season!

It’s also that time again when I announce all the cool stuff going on. There’s so much, actually, that I’m dividing into two posts. Because I like sequels.

1– I’ll be heading to Palm Springs at the beginning of October for Quiltfest Oasis. I’ll be teaching and lecturing, alongside some other awesome quilters, including Libs Elliott. Check out the details here or by clicking on the photo. See you in Palm Springs! (I’m so excited, by the way, I’ve never been to Palm Springs!)


2– Next up! The following week, I’ll be back in the Bay Area teaching for my second year at the Pacific International Quilt Festival. And this time, you’ll recognize right away who else is going to be there:


There are still spots open in some of our classes, so head over to the website to sign up. See you in Santa Clara!

3– Lastly for now, I am super excited to have been featured in Creativebug’s LIVE video a few weeks ago in which they announced a new partnership with Joann Fabrics! I gave a pretty detailed free-motion quilting demo, too. And the best part? It’s FREE to watch. It’s Creativebug’s best kept secret! Head over to the cbtv LIVE video library, or to the Creativebug Facebook page to check it out:


Part Two of the September updates to come… including some dates for your calendars and fun projects to announce! Stay tuned.

Oh, and if you aren’t already doing so, follow me over on Instagram to keep track of my comings and goings:)

See you soon,


Washing Instructions- Hats, Pop-opens, and Sleep Masks

I took several of my handmade products with me backpacking to Emigrant Wilderness a few weeks ago. When you come home from a trip like that, all you really want to do is take a long hot shower and sit down on the most comfortable chair in the world– which, after sitting on granite for days, is any chair, by the way. Then you look over at your backpack, which you can smell from across the room, and contemplate how long you can put off the task of washing its ENTIRE contents.

But don’t feel too sorry for me:


There’s my reversible sun hat! In the wild! It was the perfect hat to bring because it had a large brim, and was lightweight and highly packable. But man, did it get dirty! I’m talking sunscreen-sweat-bug spray-dirt-dirty. Washing it an alpine lake is a fantastic option for cleaning out in the woods… but back in San Francisco, I wanted to get everything CLEAN-clean. Which, by that I mean actually using soap.

So I’m taking the opportunity to share some important washing instructions for a few of the products I make.

Photo by Isabel French.

1.) Pop-opens:

For a step-by-step tutorial on how I like to wash my pop-opens, check out this video:


This also felt like a good opportunity to make a really grainy GIF. Please enjoy!

Basic instructions: Hand wash exterior, sponge wash interior.

Detailed instructions: Pull the interior out of the bag. Using lukewarm soapy water (I use a clean and free detergent), hand wash the exterior. You can soak it up to the zipper, just avoid soaking the interior. Then, take a sponge and wipe down the interior. Hang to dry or rest on a drying rack. Just ‘pop’ the inside back in once dry!

This is where I’ll point out that people DO wash laminated cotton in the washing machine, and have no problems. It’s up to you, in the end. 🙂

2.) Reversible Sun Hat:

Basic instructions: Machine wash, hang dry.

Detailed instructions: Machine wash with cold water in a regular load of laundry. To dry, I used a vase to prop the hat up so it dries in its original shape, but this is not necessary.

3.) Sleep mask:

Basic instructions: Hand wash, dry flat. That’s it!

All of these items came in handy on my backpacking trip, by the way. Some things that I’d add to my list of handmade items to bring for next time: A variety of bandanas (for ascot purposes) and several small drawstring bags for separating and sorting items inside backpack.

All in all, 31 miles, four days, one blister, and a lot of dirt. But worth every bug bite.


Also, for those looking for a pop-open, use the code SUMMERLOVE at checkout on my Etsy shop for 10% off your order, through next Monday, 7/25/16!