Golden Gate #1

Pattern Inspiration: Gate #1


I can’t help but notice all of the design and quilting pattern inspiration when I walk through my neighborhood in San Francisco. The homes here in the Inner Sunset range from (may my 74 architect friends and family forgive my poor use of terminology) beautifully ornate Victorian single family homes to sparsely ornamented apartment buildings. The landscape changes from street to street, and even within each block. But no matter which avenue you find yourself on, you’ll be sure to see a variety of these stunning iron gates.

This one is simply amazing (minus the weed growth in the corner!) and I love it. It’s found on 12th Avenue, otherwise known as the flattest avenue, making it a commonly traveled street for me. I’m always struck by its crisp lines, its secondary diamond pattern, and its obvious nod to Art Deco stained glass.

And so begins my pattern inspiration series! If you want to join me on Instagram, use the hashtag #gatesofthesunset, even if you’re not physically in the Sunset! Or, like me, if you plan on making a design or quilting pattern inspired by these glorious golden gates, I’d love to see it.

Have a great weekend!


4 Thoughts on “Golden Gate #1

  1. annebabel on February 27, 2015 at 1:57 PM said:

    OMG that gate is so gorgeous!! I think I might start hunting interesting patterns as well. All inspired by you =) Did I ever show you my FB photo album of Melbourne house numbers? When I walked around the streets there I noticed all these quirky house numbers and started photographing them. SO FUN Anyways, missed you last night, but am so excited to hear how your meeting went. Hugs & love Axx

  2. Very Art Deco. I love it.

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