Olives and oranges

Not necessarily the most appetizing combination for an appetizer, but clearly a perfect pairing for a pencil case! I went back to my old notebook where I used to record all of the things I made/sold back in Valencia, the home of the oranges. Since I have moved to the “Other Orange Grove,” as some people (me) call California, I haven’t found the time to make/sell much of anything.

So, I wanted to get myself back into the groove by somehow channeling my creative energy towards my former home. I wanted to make something functional, something that would aide in the organizational nightmare that is my desk. So I found the pattern that I used to make Elizabeth and Julio their his & her pencil cases back in February 2009.

The fabric might look familiar to some. One of my jugglers features this exact combo! The olive print comes from a little shop in Ashland, OR. The oranges are from R & C Patchwork near Girona, Spain. Some might also be familiar with my obsession with olives, which became a sort of unregistered brand-name for the things I made/sold in Valencia.

Enjoy the product of my trip down memory lane!

Knock knock! Who's there? Orange. Orange who? Orange you gonna tell me a joke?

Orange Pac-man with an olive nose.

Color-changing green thread.

Fray check: Magic chemical that makes this pencil case both fray-resistent AND flammable!

It's Oran-genius!

Olive power

Pencils, meet your new citrus home!

Check out that ass!

4 Thoughts on “Olives and oranges

  1. molly on July 28, 2010 at 2:54 AM said:

    i love it! olive your friends must be so jealous!

  2. Dear Tia, someday I’d like one for my magic markers and crayons.

  3. Very nice work! Can I order one for my quilters marking pencils?

  4. orange you the clever one! Nice work.

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