W for Wallet.

Ahh, yes.  My favorite item to make.  I wonder why that is.  Is it my general philosophy on crafts and men, that they must carry a lot of cash?  Ha!  No, that’s not it at all.  I think it’s because we look at wallets almost as much as we look at our cell phones, and having them made with pretty batiks is just so aesthetically pleasing.  Yes.  It’s so pleasing, in fact, that it nearly offsets the anxiety one feels when the wallet is opened only to find that there is, in fact, no cash, and the nearest ATM is four blocks away.  Nearly.

Nevertheless, this particular wallet was custom made for one Victor Idahoan as a replacement for a previous model (Note to potential customers: my wallets are not necessarily like Apple products and do not need an upgrade after two years.  She just wanted a new one.)

I was given free reign on the design and colors, and while it came out bigger than expected, the bright side is that it can now double as a passport holder!  My “company name” is currently in limbo (Alphabet something or my old Olive? Any ideas?) so I opted for the free-hand “Libby,” which did get a few excited yelps from female friends and wallet covet-ers.

Have a look at the wallet-of-fame:

I will now call you, "Libby."

Wallet Naked.

Wallet fully dressed.

So flat! So many circles!

The proud new owner, at the Knotty Pine in Victor.

4 Thoughts on “W for Wallet.

  1. YOU. ARE. THE. BEST!!!!! (even though you post ner-dy pics of wallet owners)

  2. Beth Gillis on August 19, 2010 at 10:53 AM said:

    This is gorgeous, Ashley! As I’ve said before, whenever you want to make a little extra cash, I will pay you (Etsy prices!) for you to make me one. You are so talented!! Can’t wait to see you next Monday…it’s been too long.

  3. I love the fabrics on the interior of this one!! This Idahoan wallet owner sure is lucky!!

    This Philadelphian is in need of an upgrade…Blame it on the overuse of the snap 🙂

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